Our Route...

To get to China and back, our route took us through the following countries:

UK - France - Belgium - The Netherlands - Germany - Austria - Slovakia - Hungary - Romania - Bulgaria - Greece - Turkey - India - Singapore - Malaysia - Thailand - Cambodia - Laos - Vietnam - China - Switzerland.

Our return leg changed a lot as we went along. Due to timing, we flew to Germany (Munich) from Beijing. We then cycled through Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France before entering back into England via Weymouth, then the short stretch home to Reading. We arrived back on the 10 May 2007.

More details on the route we took can be seen by viewing our map, we haven't put markers on all the destinations we went to, especially in SE Asia as the map we've used doesn't show all the towns/villages - but you'll get the gist of it. Please note there are two pages to our map, the second page shows our return leg in red.

You can drag the map with your mouse, and double-click to zoom. However, the controls on the map should be self explanatory - we've also added some text to some of the destinations.