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15 March 2006
Our new Thorn eXp bikes arrive

05 April 2006
Signed Reading FC shirt auctioned for Cancer Research UK

28 August 2006
A small selection of photos from our first European leg

23 September 2006
Some photos of our time in Turkey

14 October 2006
Some of our favourite roads signs from India

11 December 2006
Photos from our time in India

21 December 2006
Our selection of photos from Singapore & Malaysia

23 January 2007
Photos from Thailand

08 February 2007
Some photos from Cambodia

16 February 2007
Signed Reading FC Premiership shirt auctioned for Cancer Research UK

13 March 2007
View some photos from Laos and Vietnam

25 March 2007
Photos from China

02 May 2007
Photos from our return journey through Europe

07 June 2007
Photos of our departure and return to Reading