More about us...

We are Richard Mason and Kat Wilkinson, two redundant Civil Servants who decided to set off to China on a couple of bikes, to raise some money for charity, see the world, and eat lots of food.

More about Richard

Well I'm a young 30ish something person still wondering why I did this! Having worked at the same place since leaving school (that will be 19 years ago!) I felt the urge to take redundancy and try something different! This trip was the start and when I returned I went self-employed working outdoors - a completely different contrast to sitting in an office all day!

More about Kat

I'm a much, much younger person, and I also worked at the same place since dropping out of university. I'd become a bit fed up of drifting along in the same routine, so decided to make a change and do something a little more challenging. Having always wanted to see the world, this seemed like a great way to do it, and at the same time raise some money for charity in honour of my mum who died 2 years ago.

 Richard & Kat