Here is a list of frequently asked questions about the trip.  If you have a question please feel free to contact us.



Q. How long did the trip take?

A. Our cycle tour lasted just over 11 months. We left on 05 June 2006 and returned on 10 May 2007.


Q. Did you update the website with your progress as you travelled?

A. Yes, the diary page were updated during the course of the trip. Regular email updates were also available to those people who registered for them.


Q. How did you fund the trip?

A. Quite simply the trip was funded from our redundancy money from work.


Q. Where did you stay during the trip?

A. We camped where we could, but in India and SE Asia we stayed in hotels and hostels because it was so cheap and just not possible to camp.


Q. What sort of equipment did you take on the trip?

A. Take a look at our equipment list on this site.


Q. How many miles did you cycle?

A. To reach China we cycled 6,890 miles (11,088 km). The total trip mileage was 8,434 (13,573 km)


Q. How many countries did you cycle through?

A. If you include Great Britain then it was 21 in total, and some of them we travelled through twice if you include the return leg.